Tuesday, February 12, 2013

About Ken & Roberta's Travelblog

Roberta and I are artists. We also love to ride our bikes and travel on trains and buses. We don't own a car. When we travel, we like to sketch and paint along the way. In 2012, we moved to a loft in the Union Depot in the Lowertown area of Saint Paul, Minnesota (see "Union Depot renovation: ‘There are so many parts that are absolutely gorgeous" at Minnpost.com)

Metro Transit and Jefferson Lines buses stop at the Union Depot. Amtrak is here too. In 2014, the Green Line LRT stops right in front of the Union Depot. We are planning many trips originating from here, both near and far and we will be posting our sketches and paintings on this blog.

See more of our artwork. Ken Avidor & Roberta Avidor.

Star Tribune: Life captured in sketch pads.

The Line: Embracing the creative nexus of bikes, transit and art.

City Pages The Dressing Room: "Ken Avidor on the urban sketching movement".

Listen to us on the MPR Pedal Hub podcast.

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  1. All I have to say is... you guys are an inspiration! I love reading about your adventures. Not to mention seeing your beautiful illustrations. Thanks!


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